NZ - Day 9 - STB - Day 2

Saturday, 1 February 2020

The morning's race was standard campus fare - nice and flat and lots of turns as we navigated through buildings and around gardens.  Jon and I won our classes again, although Zali beat me so I was keen for the revenge in the afternoon.  Everyone else had solid runs. 

 Back at the House of Knick-Knack (this is just a small selection)...some is this stuff is sort of explicable, the feather covered foam balls are not.






Anyway we had a relaxed lunch at home..


and we set up our own knick-knack displays:


then further relaxing before forcing ourselves to go and admire the art deco buildings in the Napier Town Centre - about a 20 minute drive away. 





 The buildings were nice, but we were all pretty exhausted so we didn't spend too long walking around in the heat before heading home to gather ourselves before the evening event. 


The evening event was at a golf course - so we couldn't start until the golfers finished at 6pm. It was head to head racing, which meant you started at the same time as the person closest to you on the overall result list.  I was out to beat Zali's time, so I raced off and promptly lost 90 seconds on the second control - forcing me to chase down my start buddy. It took me 11 controls to regain the lead but then I managed to put 2 minutes into her by the finish so I was happy about that. I wasn't happy that both Zali and Julia whipped my butt on the same course though!

Riley finished well up the order despite having to correct some controls he ran in a funny direction. Unfortunately Jett missed out a control so he is out of the overall standings!  Zali had a fast run and finished at exactly the same time as her starting buddy who was ahead of her in the overall standings.  And most excitingly, Julia has taken the lead in the polka dot jersey - meaning that she has won the most hill climb legs on her course! Hopefully she can hold on to that tomorrow.  Jon and I are still leading the overall standings in our classes.



Afterwards we had fish and chips in a park and were home by 9. 

We have a big day tomorrow with packing up then two races followed by a 4 hour drive to Hamilton.

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